Blog Challenge: Recommendations

Topic: Books and TV shows I recommend! So here we are, back to the blog challenge I started before Christmas. In retrospect I think I probably should have done this one before the holidays given the topic, but hey its chaos around here. Today I'm going to recommend some books and TV shows to you … Continue reading Blog Challenge: Recommendations


Blogmas Finale – NYE Edition.

Final Blogmas -New Year Edition. Topics: Review of 2016              Goals for 2017              Happy New Year! Let's take a look at my 2016, the good the bad and the ugly. My year started off pretty well, I was in a great relationship, in therapy and moving on with my life after the wreck that … Continue reading Blogmas Finale – NYE Edition.

Blogmas Special: Christmas Eve&Day

Christmas Eve and Day Topics + How my Christmas went! Blogmas Day 5 - Christmas Eve! Topics: Christmas Baking and Family Games! Okay so since I'm uploading this a little late I won't be posting my plans, I'll be telling you what actually went down. So here's how I spent my Christmas Eve, starting with … Continue reading Blogmas Special: Christmas Eve&Day

12 Days of Blogmas – Day 4 Special Edition

Special Edition! There will be 2 topics per day until boxing day! Just a little something extra for the holidays! Topics: What I am grateful for this year. & My favourite things about Christmas! So, what am I grateful for this year? This year I'm grateful for a lot of things. One of the most … Continue reading 12 Days of Blogmas – Day 4 Special Edition