Launched in 2016 as a place for those suffering with mental health conditions, bloggers, the creative, beauty lovers and people who just want to read the mindless ramblings of a girl in her twenties!

If you need advice…. Or like interesting and unique hairstyles/ colours? Piercings,Tattoos and makeup? Then look no further!

There’s something for everyone here! Whether you’re after intellectual reading, comedy posts,beauty and makeup, Anime, Self help and advice or just a quick read.

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This blog will follow me on my Mental Health Recovery, offering my own perspective and advice for people going through similar issues as well as a place for me to vent:)

As well as a blog about my life in general, Y’know all the crazy stuff I get up to ;).

I’ve created this blog with the intention of reaching out to all kinds of people, I wanted to create a blog that could appeal to anyone and everyone. I really hope that I can achieve that with this site, it might take some time but I am ready to make the effort!

Please leave a comment with any advice or idea’s you may have for me! You can leave a comment by going to the Contact section of my blog, submitting your name and email along with any of your preferred contact methods. Or alternatively you can tweet me or DM me on Twitter, InstagramFacebook or Tumblr!


The Echo. x