Hair Transformation: Black to Green

Hey there!

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed the drastic change in hair colour a few weeks ago. For those who don’t follow my Insta, I dyed my hair bright green (with the help of an awesome friend)!

So in this post I’m going to reveal how I went from black to green hair in just a few days without ruining my hair! You’ll find out what products I used and how I take care of my hair afterwards. If you’re worried about using any of the products mentioned then leave a comment below or have a look at some of the reviews online and remember that different hair types react differently to different types of dyes!

First of all, make sure your hair is clean before attempting any dying processes and make sure you don’t have any cuts or abrasions on your scalp/ neck. If you haven’t used a product before then do a strand and skin test to make sure you’re not allergic – safety first!


As my hair was very dark brown, mostly black, I needed to remove the artificial colour to see what was going on underneath before I attempted anything else. I used the Colour B4 colour remover kits (as shown above), i used both over 2 days. One of the remover kits came with an excellent conditioner which I was able to use after both applications, it left my hair feeling soft and there was no breakage! The colour removers turned my hair a light- medium brown colour, light enough to bleach the rest of the way. The one issue I had with this product is how much it stinks, it really is a foul smell but it’s worth it.

Make sure you follow the instructions properly, they are fairly easy to follow so you shouldn’t have any issues.


After the 2 applications I deep conditioned my hair in preparation for the bleaching process.

On the third day of my hair adventure I got out the Schwarzkopf Live Max Blonde Intense lightener (Bleach) which is supposed to lighten your hair up to 8 shades lighter. After the first application there was a difference but my hair was still quite ginger, my roots were blonde though so I was sure the second application would get the job done! So after bleaching my hair I deep conditioned and left it for the night before doing the second application the next day. After the second application my hair was much lighter, although not totally blonde, it was light enough for the green dye (yay!) and my hair felt great, i didn’t feel the need to deep condition it again so I let my hair dry before doing a small strand test which turned out really well! One of the best parts of this lightener is that it doesn’t burn or make your scalp itch like other brands!

Now all I had to do was sleep through the night and wait for my friend to arrive the next day to do the final dye!

As you can see we used Crazy Colour in emerald green, it didn’t come out as dark as I wanted and there were a few little patches where the colour didn’t take as well but it’s not very noticeable and was fixed with a top up a few days later. We left the dye on my hair for longer than suggested by about 10-15 minutes as we wanted to be sure it was taking to my hair. Although my hair is short it’s quite thick so we used around a bottle and a half ( I bought 4 for £12 on Amazon). The dye is really easy to use and comes already mixed so you just apply it straight to your hair!

Once the dye process was over and my hair was dried it felt amazing! The dye left my hair feeling so soft with no knotting for days which was lovely.

I highly recommend these products for lightening and dying hair, easy to use with great results on naturally very dark and think(curly) hair, you can see the final result below!

Both lightening products can be purchased in major drugstores such as Boots and Superdrug, I recommend purchasing Crazy Colour online for the best prices.

For the deep conditioning I usually use a repairing conditioner or a colour intensifying conditioner and leave it on for 10-15 minutes at a time.

I hope this has helped you in whatever your hair adventure may be! Be bold, be bright and be beautiful!

The Echo. x


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