BEAUTY HAUL: Tam beauty&Nyx cosmetics

Hey there m’lovelies! Today I’m going to talk about my recent beauty haul! I purchased a variety of products from 3 different brands; Makeup Revolution, Freedom makeup & NYX Cosmetics, using 2 websites; Tam beauty & Cocosa.

I’m going to talk about the products, service and give my over all verdict. I’ve been super excited to try all these pieces out and tell you all about them so let’s get to it!

We’ll start with Tam beauty!


I purchased 3 ‘sets’ from the Tam beauty site, 2 Makeup Revolution sets and 1 Freedom makeup set:

Makeup Revolution: Pro HD Eyes & Contour Palette £20

Makeup Revolution: Luxe Shade Blocks Rose Gold £6

Freedom Makeup: Pro Makeup Artist Essentials kit £18

So what’s included? A bunch of awesome stuff, that’s what!

The Pro HD palette includes 108 eyeshadows (OMG) and 8 contour shades (contour, highlight & banana), for just £20 that’s a pretty good deal right? Well it gets better! The colours are crazy pigmented and have excellent ‘staying power’, even without using any fixing spray it lasts for a good 8-12 hours without any fade. It’s becoming my new go-to palette, it’s got every kind of shade you could possibly want, glittery, nude, matte, bright etc. The contour shades are just as pigmented and with 8 of them at your disposal it’s easy to find to best shade for you. It’s all really easy to blend and easy to use whether you’re experienced or not! So pleased with this palette, it is definitely worth the price!


The Luxe Shade blocks include A lipgloss, lipstick and mini strobe balm. The lipgloss is a lovely shade of pink that’s almost a nude colour, it’s really creamy and leaves your lips feeling soft, it only stays on for a couple of hours but touching it up every now and then isn’t an issue for me. The lipstick is very similar in texture to the gloss (creamy) but the colour is a bit darker, very similar to the ‘Chauffeur’ Renaissance lipstick. The mini strobe balm is a lovely compact size so it’s perfect for travelling, it’s not as easy to blend as some others but its shine is beautiful! Not only are the products cute but the packaging is flawless, a gorgeous ‘rose gold’ shiny box perfect for storing my Makeup Revolution lipglosses! For £6 it’s a brilliant little set, perfect for every day use and genuinely pretty to look at.



The Makeup Artist essentials kit has several products included, all for your base!

Included: Pro correct kit, Pro mattify primer, Pro highlighter glow, Pro eyebrow kit, Pro eye primer, Pro fixing spray & Pro contour (fair). So that’s basically everything you need to create a good base! The kit is advertised as £18 but I picked it up for £9 when I was shopping on the site, what a bargain!!


So how were the products? Overall I was really happy with the kit, great selection of products of great quality but lets get a bit more specific…

The Pro Fixing Spray smells like a cake shop, it’s fantastic. It’s lightweight and holds makeup up to/ around 12 hours. Individual price £5. A great product with a budget price tag!

The Pro Correct palette has 6 creamy shades that blend easily into the skin. Shades: Green, Purple, Yellow/skin, Pink, a contour shade & highlight shade. Perfect for correcting those pesky blemishes and uneven skin tones (like mine aha). Individual price £5 , not a bad price for the quality of product!


The Pro mattify primer is (only available inside the kit) a sort of gel primer that reacts with foundation to create a matte look. It’s really easy to apply, I use this product daily underneath all my makeup and it’s left my normally dry skin feeling soft and moisturised! If you have dry skin I recommend this product!!

The Pro Highlighter Glow is super shiny, kind of like a gold glow. It’s a little dark for me to wear every day but I’d wear it on a night out and if I was wearing darker makeup! Super easy to apply and is only £3 individually!


The Pro eyebrow kit comes with a little brush for application and mini tweezers to get rid of those pesky strays, it’s really easy to use the 3 powders and the wax leaves a natural looking finish. This kit is the light- medium kit also has a built in mirror and only costs £3.50 individually!

The Pro eye primer comes in a handy lip gloss style tube, and it does exactly what it says on the tin. The primer makes your eyeshadows pop and even seems to keep eyeliner from smudging! It also helps makeup stay on longer and stay vivid at the same time. Honestly I don’t know how I survived without this! At only £2.50 individually it’s a bargain.

The Pro contour (Fair) comes with 2 shades to contour and sculpt your face, this contour ‘kit’ is the best I’ve found so far for the light skinned like me, the shades aren’t too dark so if you’re quite pale this is perfect. It’s a powder contour which blends really well with the foundation I use (Maybelline Fit me) and I’m pretty confident it would work well with many different ones. It’s only £3.50 on it’s own so I think it’s really worth the small price!


So as you can see I’m pretty damn pleased with my Tam beauty haul, all the products are great quality and very affordable! I love budget beauty, it’s vastly underestimated! Now, let’s move onto the second part of my beauty haul!

I used Cocosa to purchase these Nyx cosmetics as there was a sale on. I don’t usually consider Nyx as budget beauty but the sale prices were excellent and it’s made me consider purchasing their products at full price!  Here they are…


So what’s in the picture? ….

Diamond Sparkle Lipstick in Dusty Rose, Round Lipstick in Vitamin, Round Lipgloss in Chocolate Moose, Dark Brown Liquid Liner, Round Lipstick in Watermelon, Auto Lip pencil in Black, Slim Eye pencil in Electric Blue and Slim Lip pencil in Cappuccino.

I haven’t had much time to play around with this stuff yet as I have had them for less than 24 hours haha. I’ve tried out the lipgloss and one of the lipsticks as well as both lip pencils and both eye liners and I’m very pleased so far. Take a look at these Lipstick/gloss swatches below! The Initials represent each colour.

Snapchat-422974523[1]I absolutely adore the colours I chose, especially the Chocolate moose one. They feel smooth and creamy on the lips instead of sticky like many others. The chocolate moose lip gloss goes perfectly with the cappuccino lip pencil! Here are swatches of the rest of the products….


In order: Dark brown liquid liner, Cappuccino lip pencil, Black auto lip pencil and Electric blue eye pencil.

The liquid liner dries so quickly which I think is important for many of us who are impatient or busy. The colour is close to black so you get a similar effect to wearing black liner but it’s still subtle.

The Cappuccino lip pencil is a lovely warm brown and goes on very smoothly and blends perfectly with the Chocolate Moose lip gloss, 2 of my new favourites!

The Electric Blue eye pencil is a lovely bright blue that is really pigmented and works well on both the eyes and lips.

I’m so pleased with my first ever Nyx purchases and will definitely be buying more in the future!

The delivery services on Tam beauty and Cocosa are slow but it’s 100% worth the wait! The customer service on Tam beauty was brilliant, quick responses and very helpful!

Here’s some of the makeup in action!

To see more as well as some videos showcasing  all of this then head to my Instagram @brynecho and while you’re there maybe drop me a few likes and a comment?

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Much love to you all and remember.. You are beautiful.


The Echo. x


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