Makeup Challenge Creations

Hello lovelies!

As you may know already I recently put together a 14 day makeup challenge , I came up with 14 themes to create looks based on/ inspired by those themes. In this post I’m going to show you some of my own creations for these themes and what I used to create them.

Let’s get on with it then!

The Unicorn.

I decided to focus on the eyes and thought about the things I associate with Unicorns, my first thought was pretty colours, pretty simple so I ran with it. To create this colourful look I picked out my ‘complete face palette’ by Technic Cosmetics (pictured below) and chose 4 colours.

Once I applied the eyeshadow I used a white eyeliner pencil on my lower lid for emphasis, I decided not to use black liner because Unicorns are happy and bright creatures in general so I wanted to keep the look happy and bright! I used Benefit cosmetics ‘they’re real’ mascara and Technic Lipstick for a soft finish.

The Movie Star.

For this look I went to my ‘go- to’ eye palette ‘Makeup Revolution – Fortune Favours the Brave’. It’s my most recent makeup purchase and I’m obsessed with it to be honest. I also used Technic cosmetics glitter eyeliner pens, Rimmel London eyeliner pen and Benefit cosmetics ‘they’re real’ mascara. ( Pictured below).

The colours I used from the Revolution palette ; Pink diamond, Favour, Super gold and Drama queen. I wanted to create a glamourous, glittery look because that’s what I associate movie stars with, glitz&glam!

I used Pink diamond on the inner eye, Favour on the base, Super gold on the outer eye and Drama Queen in the crease. I used the Rimmel London ‘scandaleyes’ eyeliner pen for the ‘wings’ which I outlined using the Technic Glitter eyeliner pens ( I also used a bit on the inner eye). I then finished the eyes off with a white liner pencil on the lower lid. To finish off the whole look I used A red lipstick and highlighter to give the look the movie star attitude and glow. Here is the finished product!


Movie Stars – Day 2

I later changed up the lips for this look, feeling it needed more ‘glitz & glam’. So I used Makeup Revolution’s Lipstick ( deep purple – colour) I then used my Technic cosmetics glitter pens to make the lips pop, the final product is below!IMG_20170310_204141_889

The Ocean.

For this look I went back to my Technic cosmetics palette. I chose the blues that looked most like ocean colours and blended the 3 shades I chose across my eyelids, the lightest colour on the inner eye and darkest in the crease and outer lid. I also used one of the same shadows on my lips as well as using the Technic glitter pens on my lids and lips (You can use most eye products on your lips).


To complete the look I used Benefit cosmetics ‘they’re real’ mascara and Technic’s colourfix highlighter as well as Rimmel London’s ‘scandaleyes’ eyeliner pen to create small wings. In this look, I decided less is more and I felt like a mermaid wearing this makeup, which to me seems perfect for the Ocean theme.


This look was the most fun to create, I hadn’t done anything like it before so I was really excited for this one. I decided to go for a Cheetah/ Leopard style, I consulted a few different tutorials and images on google before I attempted it and I am very pleased with the first time result!


To create this look I used a variety of brands and products, ranging from The Makeup Revolution to Seventeen. This look took much longer than the others, around an hour.

I started off using my standard foundation – Fit me Matte& Poreless Liquid by Maybelline 110 , after my foundation I used an eye primer and got to work. On my eyes I used Makeup Revolutions ‘super gold’ & ‘glimmer’ on the lids and ‘Blacqua’ under the eye, as well as the Scandaleyes eyeliner pen by Rimmel London and Benefits ‘They’re real’ mascara.

To create the ‘spots’ I used the ‘super gold’ eyeshadow which I just dotted around the side of my eye and face, I then used the Rimmel London Scandaleyes pen to define each spot and give that Cheetah/Leopard print effect.

On the lips and nose I used a black eyeshadow and pencil to outline and fill in (same on the nose) finishing it off with a little white pencil liner for effect.

To complete the look I used Seventeens highlight and bronze (Blusher Bramble Frost) from their Complete collection to highlight the printed side of my face and darken the area around the spots.

So those are a few of the themes from the makeup challenge brought to life by yours truly! I’d love to see your own creations, you can tag me on Instagram (@Brynsecho) or with the hashtag ‘themeMC’ I’ll be checking it every week!


If you like what you’re seeing then follow, like, comment and share – it would be greatly appreciated! I’d love to hear what you guys think!!!

The Echo. x








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