Healthy Living: First 10 days!

So, as some of you may know I have been trying to live a healthier life. I have now been doing this for nearly 2 weeks and I feel great to be honest!

For the first week I focused on eating better and smoking less. I have been eating salad daily and keeping my calorie intake down (Less potato and sugary products), I’ve also been eating more fruit and drinking more water. I also have cut down hugely on energy drinks so over all I think I’m doing pretty well on that front! Honestly I’m quite proud of myself so far.

After the first few days I started to exercise. I downloaded this 30 day workout challenge and it’s great! Reminds me to work out each day at a time I’ve chosen, allows me to choose different plans for different types of workout; full body, legs, arms etc. The app is simple to use, it’s free and can be used even if you’re an extremely busy bee!

Along side the app I’ve been jogging in the mornings, my garden is quite long so I run back and forth between the house and bottom of the garden between 10 and 15 times. Doesn’t sound like much but since I’m not very fit it’s as much as I can do in one session. I spend around an hour a day working out at the moment and it’s making me feel fantastic.

Honestly I don’t understand why other people don’t do a bit of exercise, it makes you feel so much better in a lot of different ways; Mentally and physically.

To track my progress I’ve been using My Fitness Pal, it’s a great site where you can keep track of progress and goals as well as interact with other members of the site. It even has a blog on there where you can post about your fitness and lifestyle!

I’d been so focused the past 10 days that I totally forgot to post about it, finally got around to doing it today!

I’ll be putting together a more detailed post, about my meals and specific workouts. I’ll be posting that this weekend so keep an eye out!


If you’re new to this, like me, then just remember not to push yourself TOO hard, a bit harder every day will be worth it! Oh and stick to it!!!


The Echo. x


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