14 Day Makeup Challenge

Got A new palette you want to try out? Or just fancy having a theme for each days look? Well below is a list of 14 different themes to try with your makeup, that’s 2 weeks of random themes to shake up your look! You can interpret each theme whichever way you like and make sure to take a selfie, tag me @brynsecho and hashtag #themeMC So I can check it out!


  1. Unicorns. Simply unicorns.
  2. Movie Stars.
  3. The Ocean.
  4. Animalistic.
  5. Stormy weather.
  6. Technology.
  7. The Sixties.
  8. Favourite Colour.
  9. New things.
  10. Glitter everywhere!
  11. Baring it all. In the Nude.
  12. Love.
  13. Cookies & Cream.
  14. Fierce!



I look forward to seeing those looks!

Over the next 14 days I will be updating this post with my own interpretation of each theme!

First theme on the list is ‘Unicorns’! Here is my interpretation of the theme, Over the next week I’ll be putting together a post with all the makeup used in each theme!



The Echo. x


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