PS Makeup Review

Recently I’ve been purchasing various makeup items at affordable prices and testing them out to see which ones are the best, one of the brands I am most surprised with is ‘PS’ which you can purchase in Primark so that’s what I am going to review today!


Items in Review (as seen in image above)

Pro Oval brushes

Eyebrow Pencil

Liquid Eyeliner

Eyebrow Gel

Pencil Eyeliner

Lipstick Duo

Complete face palette – Smokey collection

I have been falling in love with the PS collection recently due to it’s brilliant prices and product quality. For the tiny prices, the makeup really is worth every penny ( this is not always the case unfortunately). These products might not work for everyone but they’re definitely worth trying out!


The handles on these brushes aren’t particularly strong but the heads work brilliantly when blending or doing your base, easy to clean using a water based solution. For £2.50 each, these brushes are definitely worth the money!


Personally I’m not too fond of this product. It comes in 3 kinds – light, medium and dark. The pencil is thick and bold, which is good if you want a bold defined brow look. It’s not so good if, like me, you prefer a more subtle brow look. The pencil is double ended, one end is pencil, the other is wax. Not bad for £2


I was really sceptical about this one, I’ve had really crappy experience with liquid liners in the past (They lie when they say they don’t smudge), I expected it to smudge easily and wear away quickly but I was pleasantly surprised to find that there was no smudging and minimal ‘wear away’ throughout the day.  Definitely worth the £2 I spent on it!


Not much to say on this item other than the fact that it works, very easy to use and light on the brow. Definitely worth the small price (can’t remember for the life of me how much it was exactly, around £1 I think).


The pink and white pencil eyeliners are bold and noticeable on the eye. Colour only lasts a few hours but considering a pack of 2 only costs £1 it’s worth the re-application once in a while.


The lipstick duo is double ended, the 2 colours are a nude pink and a darker burgundy type colour. Long lasting – about 3 – 8 hours wear without re-applying. The matte look being all the rage at the moment, this duo is a must have for your collection! £2.50 for 2 matte lipsticks? What are you waiting for?!


Inside the palette you’ll find a smokey eye shadow collection, a contour and highlight selection, as well as blush and lip gloss. They eye shadows are bold and easy to use. The contour and highlight part of the palette is powder, not as good as some others I have used but for the price it’s definitely worth it. The lip gloss is a lovely nude colour and the blush speaks for itself. For £6 this palette is definitely 100% worth it!

Considering how cheap these products are it’s a little hard to believe they’re so good, which is why I tried them out for you guys and after doing so, I definitely recommend you try them yourselves or you’ll never believe it! You can pick up several PS products for under £10 at once so even if you decide they aren’t for you, you won’t be too much out of pocket after buying.

In the photo below you can see the eyeliner, face palette, brow gel and lipstick duos in action!

Hope you have enjoyed this makeup review, I look forward to doing many many more of these!

The Echo. x


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