Match up Makeup!

Everyone loves some good colour co-ordination, I really do! My hair, clothes, make up and accessories, I like it all to match where possible. My favourite colours to play with are Burgundy, Grey, Black and Khaki Green.

Here are some examples of my own ‘match up madness’.

Clearly I have a match up problem! My hair, nails, clothes and everything in between match most of the time.

When matching your whole appearance it’s important to remember not to overdo it, use 2 or 3 colours instead of one as using just one can be a little too in your face but if you’re confident rocking it, then rock it!

There are loads of different ways to match up and co-ordinate your appearance, you can go bold and bright or subtle, layering both can create a deep, rich colouring.

DM me on Instagram @brynsecho your own ‘match up madness’ selfies to be featured here on this page! Or tag me if you just want the likes 😉


The Echo. x


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