My daily make up routine!

Like many women ( and some men!) I wear makeup most days and yeah I usually do the whole thing, from primer to lip liner. So today I’m going to tell you guys what I use daily and in what order, I’m also throwing in a few selfies throughout the process so don’t say I never give you anything! Well let’s get on with it then…

My daily makeup routine!

First I’ll show you the products I use as a BASE.

Primer – SEVENTEEN Photo Flawless skin primer (for prolonging foundation wear)

Foundation – MAYBELLINE Dream Matte Mousse (light porcelain)

Contour & Highlight – TECHNIC Colour Fix cream palette

Applicators – PS PRO Oval Brush & PS blending brush

Next I do my eyes and eyebrows.

Sometimes I do my eyes before my brows and vice-versa depending on the day, it doesn’t really matter either way.

Eyebrows – RIMMEL London Brow This Way kit

Eyeshadows – LUMIERE neutral tones

Eyeliner (top lid) – RIMMEL London Scandaleyes precision micro eyeliner pen

Eyeliner (bottom lid) – PS pencil in white

Mascara – RIMMEL London Scandaleyes Reloaded

Applicators – LUMIERE Basic brushes

I admit my eyebrows aren’t great here! It was a bad brow day.

The final part, the lips!

Lip liner – RIMMEL London 1000 kisses lip contouring pencil

Lipstick – PS Lipstick duo

Wow that long list makes it seem as if I wear a lot!

The brands used in this post are;







 Here’s the finished product!


I hope you enjoyed the post! I certainly enjoyed making it, just another excuse to use makeup! This is a pretty basic look that anyone can achieve. Each of the products used are (individually) under £10. You can get the ‘brow this way’ kit by Rimmel London free under the current offer at BOOTS!

What make up do you use daily? Any tips or tricks you have to share? Drop me a message and we’ll talk!

The Echo. x


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