Beauty on A Budget Introduction!

As the title of the project implies, this is a beauty project!

The focus of this project is ‘beauty on a budget’, makeup and hair brands that are great for use and affordable.  I’ve chosen this direction because there’s already so much out there beauty blogging- wise for the less affordable makeup brands. I’m always seeing amazing makeup looks created by other bloggers and social network stars but when I see what makeup they use to get these looks, I feel intimidated, the brands are usually massive names that too me, are quite expensive or just outside of my budget. So here I am using less known/cheaper makeup brands and finding out that many of them are just as good or even better! I’ve been inspired by many of the beautiful women on Instagram, and I look forward to being a part of the online beauty world.

Throughout this project I will be sharing my own advice, tips and tricks, tutorials and my favourite ‘looks’ (my own and others).  I will be showing off and reviewing different brands of makeup AND hair dye, all at affordable prices. I encourage you to send me your own make up ideas, any brands you think I should cover or advice on usage!

I’m kicking this project off with a post on my own makeup routine, what I use and how it looks,  It will also feature some step by step selfies!

At the end of each month I’m going to post some of (in my opinion) the best looks I’ve seen all month (No photos will be posted without the owner’s permission).  If you’d like to be featured then DM me on Instagram or Twitter with your username and preferred selfie!

I’m hoping this project will help promote confidence in your own skin, being comfortable wearing makeup the way you want to wear it. Be confident in your style, whether you like to show off the naturals and nudes or the bold iconic style, be confident and wear it with pride!

There will also be a few giveaways with this project! All to do with the beauty theme (Details on each giveaway will be posted with the announcement of the giveaway).

This isn’t just about makeup, it’s about everything beauty related!

I’ll be exploring brands such as Technic and PS as well as better known brands like Maybelline.

Please feel free to contact me with any advice you have for me or for my readers.

As the project progresses there may be new things added or changed but the focus will remain the same!

Use the hashtag ‘beauty on a budget’ for posts relating to the project!


Remember, you don’t need make up to be beautiful, but if it makes you feel good and confident in yourself then rock it!!


The Echo. x



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