Life update!

Hey guys! So today I’m going to just ramble on about my life, yay!

I’m at a place in my life where I’m sort of stuck, I can’t work and can’t go back into education until September so from not until then yeah, stuck. It’s difficult because I know what I want for my future now and I know how to get there but I have basically no patience.

I have no routine to my life at the moment, nothing to get up for each day. I’m working on it though, this blog helps and I’ve been planning every aspect of my future for the next 5 years so it’s not as if I’m not being productive!

I have very little motivation and I’m literally always tired so I’m not always as productive as I like and sometimes I can’t even find the motivation to post on here, even though this blog is basically the only things I care about at this moment in time. I’m trying really hard but I think I can try harder, all I need is a bit of self-discipline!


I’ve been planning a new little project which I’m dubbing ‘Beauty on A Budget’, I’m really excited about it and I’m putting a lot of work into it! It will feature ‘how to..’ posts, selfies showcasing different makeup styles, hair dye advice and tutorials,  My own make up routine, tips and tricks and some beauty giveaways! I’ve already started promoting this project on my Instagram, be sure to head over there to see the kind of makeup looks I’ll be featuring in the project! The project will be launched on the first week of February so keep your eyes peeled!


Anyway back to rambling on about my boring life!

So I was telling you guys about how I’m stuck in life at the moment, not just with my education and career plans but also with my travel plans, I used to get the train and go all over the country as a teenager but now I barely ever go anywhere. I ‘d love to spend the next few months before getting back into education, travelling, but that means getting my anxiety back under control and reaching out to people I haven’t seen in a long time, which is a scary thought to be honest.

I’m tired of letting my ‘issues’ control my life, I have so many plans and so many people I want to meet which isn’t going to happen if I don’t sort my goddamn shit out! There’s someone I’ve been wanting to meet for around 5 years now, someone who has given me some great advice over the years and thanks to my anxiety gradually getting worse I could never make the trip, that’s going to change this year. It may seem small but meeting that person could be the sign that things are changing and that I’m making real progress with the mental health issues I’ve had over the years. There’s also a group of people in South Wales who I’ve been missing like crazy the past few years, they know who they are and they know I love and miss them, I’m going to see them all this year, 2017 is going to be the year I kick anxiety in the face and get back out there! I was a happy outgoing person once, I can and will be again!


On an unrelated note, I died my hair again because I was bored and although it didn’t come out the colour It was supposed to, I’m starting to really like it! It’s a mixture of red, pink, pastels and purple! Here’s a link to the photo on my Insta! —–>

So my start to 2017 hasn’t been exciting but it’s been comfortable, which is preferable to it being a horrible start to the year! I hope the start of the year has been great for everyone and if not, don’t worry you’ve still got 11 more months to change things!

I’d also like to wish a happy birthday to my big brother! and let you all know that I am 21 in exactly 6 months!!!


The Echo. x


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