Blog Challenge: Recommendations

Topic: Books and TV shows I recommend!

So here we are, back to the blog challenge I started before Christmas. In retrospect I think I probably should have done this one before the holidays given the topic, but hey its chaos around here. Today I’m going to recommend some books and TV shows to you guys, I have read and watched all of them so my opinion is somewhat educated. It’s a pretty varied list genre-wise so there’s something for everyone… Let’s get on with it then!



In no particular order..

The girl with the lower back tattoo – Amy Schumer. If you can’t tell by the who the author is, it’s basically comedy. It’s a book about her life presented in a pretty funny way ( I think she’s great). It’s a bit controversial in some places so keep an open mind!

Into the heart of mindfulness – Ed Halliwell. This book is all about mindfulness, written from the perspective of someone with anxiety. I personally find this book really helpful and turn to it nowadays when I need some encouragement.

Demonata Series – Darren Shan. This is one of my favourite series, the first book is ‘Lord Loss’. It’s about Demons waging war on humanity, it’s gory and gruesome. If you have an active imagination and love horrors/thrillers then you will love this series!

Looking for Alaska – John Green. (The author of Paper Towns) It’s a great story about a Boy going away to Boarding school where all sorts of things happen and he meets amazing people. If you like a realistic ending (not necessarily happy) then give this a read, it’s real, funny and tugs at the heartstrings. The perfect combo.

How to draw Manga made easy – Helen Mccarthy & Rikki Simons. Well this one is self-explanatory, If you’re a beginner or fairly experienced this book is great for either. It includes loads of tutorials, techniques and advice from experts. I love drawing and Manga has always been one of my loves so a family member bought me this book for Christmas, It’s really improving my skills and It can for you too!

Discovering the Wonders of our World – Readers Digest. This book is as it says, all about the beautiful, natural and manmade wonders of our world. It features wonders from every continent from The Giants Causeway to the Mt Everest, Some you will have heard of and others are ‘hidden gems’. This book rekindled my love my for nature and travelling, I’ve compiled a list of the places featured in this book which I will HAVE to see before I die. If all you want it a book of pretty pictures then this is perfect, if you want to know where these places came from, then again, this is perfect.

Shadows – Ilsa J. Bick. This is the first book out of 2 (Shadows & Ashes) about a girl making her way around in the event of a zombie apocalypse. Its raw, real and at times pretty terrifying for the character. Everyone has jumped on the Zombie bandwagon the past few years so there’s no shortage of films and shows on the subject but rarely a good book on it, which this is.

Vampire Academy – Rachel Caine. Yeah I know, Vamps aren’t cool anymore but I loved this series when I read it so I’m hoping others will as well. As the name gives away its about vampires in their own academies, it features vampire royalty, politics and some intense fighting. It’s packed with action, secrets and drama (probably why I loved it as a teen!).There is a film out on Netflix for this series but unfortunately there won’t be any more of the series made because they couldn’t get the budget (not enough buzz) so I recommend reading the books and if you love them like I did then share your love for them!

Monday Mourning – Kathy Reichs. If you have seen Bones the TV show then the authors name should jump out to you, Kathy Reichs is a Forensic Anthropologist, coincidentally that is what her books are about. ‘Monday Mourning’ is from her series about ‘Temperance Brennan’ (As seen in Bones) which follows a Forensic Anthropologist through casework and life in general. If you love crime fiction then you will love this series, it’s fairly accurate and really interesting to see how the various people involved in Forensics all work together to solve some of the most gruesome and mind boggling crimes you’ve ever heard of. If you’re a fan of Bones then please check this series out, as far as I’m aware the TV series is based on these books.


So that’s my January recommendations for reading! I love these books, I hope you will too!


Now for those of you who prefer the screen to a book I also have a list for you, Binge-worthy TV shows! I watch a lot of different kinds of shows and I am guilty of binge watching 99% of this list. During these cold winter months we need something on the screen for distraction and comfort, so here is a list of my shows I recommend you watch if you haven’t already!

In no particular order…

Nashville – So you’ve probably heard of this one, its currently on its fourth season of the show and still going strong! If you aren’t familiar with this show then here’s the 411… Set in Nashville, heart of the country music scene, we meet some rising stars and country royalty, following them throughout their rise to fame and family drama from sex scandals to run away children. There’s never a dull moment and it tugs on your heartstrings. Drama, love and music,  what more could you want?

Bones – This show will always be on my list. Crime, passion and action, perfection! What happens when you combine a hot FBI agent and the top Forensic Anthropologist in the area? The best kind of justice, that’s what! Bones is the kind of show that really makes you get involved with the characters, people will die and you will be angry but that’s what makes a show great! This show combines your standard life drama of the everyday person with the most intelligent in their fields along-side ruthless serial killers who will keep you awake at night. Each episode follows from the last and with 11 seasons now available to watch online, it will definitely keep you out of trouble for a while! It’s my longest standing favourite show and it could be yours too!

Timeless – I’ve only recently started watching this with my mum, it’s a new show on Channel 4. It follows an organisation that sends 3 people back in time to stop someone else from changing history, it’s dramatic and opens your mind up to possibilities and what ifs. This program makes you think whilst pulling you in which is a dangerous combination!

Travellers – New to Netflix this golden show follows a group of people sent back in time (in a roundabout way) who were sent to make sure events happen when they need to and to stop other events from happening, all to stop a future war which will devastate the human race. The science behind it is weird but it’s an interesting approach to time travel which in my opinion makes it a much better show than many in that genre.

Fringe – When I think about this show the words that come to mind are; Science, Parallel worlds, Action and Funny. Those words come to mind because the show ‘Fringe’ is about an FBI agent who is assigned to the Fringe division, she starts working with an eccentric old scientist and his son (they are a pretty hilarious pair). The plot is simple but also very deep and complicated, there’s a lot of chaos in some places but it works. All the seasons of the show are out and available on streaming services like Netflix.

How to get away with murder – This show is exactly what it sounds like, A lawyer teaches her students how to get away with murder. Murder, sex and lies, not a bad combo! 2 seasons of the show are available on Netflix and it’s definitely well worth the watch, whether you’re interested in the law or the drama, this show is great for curling up on the sofa and binge watching the hell out of!

Brooklyn nine-nine – If you don’t already know about this show then you must be living under a rock. A new season of the show is airing Thursday evenings at the moment and you can watch the rest on various streaming services. Here’s the lowdown, A rather odd detective goes about his life in the NYPD accompanied by other detectives and his Captain. There’s constant tomfoolery, pranks, bad jokes and funny situations in general, it does a brilliant job of being a comedy.

Humans – Ever wondered what life would be like with synthetic Humans doing all our work for us and living amongst us? Well this show offers a future in which these ‘synths’ gain a consciousness, becoming aware and feeling emotions. As you can imagine it causes all kinds of problems on both sides of humanity. This is a more serious show than most on this list, offering a deep and thoughtful picture of a possible future.

Community – Another comedy here! Yeah I know, I watch too many. So this show is set in Greendale Community College, where a rag tag group of misfits band together to brave the community college life. Every episode is packed with bad movie references, funny one-liners and absolute mayhem to be honest. There’s paintball episodes which get ridiculously serious and intense, there’s personal drama as well some pretty touching moments. Mostly though, it’s just hilarious.


Well there you have it, don’t say I never give you anything, that’s at least a few weeks of books and shows!

If you know of any shows that aren’t on the list but you think are good enough then send me message, comment on my page or tweet me, I’d love to hear from you!

Damn that was a long post, it took me ages to write this up ’cause I’ve been feeling so crappy the past week. I hope you enjoyed it and stay tuned over the next few days for more of the blog challenge!


If you like what you’re seeing on my page then leave a comment, message me or tweet me AND follow/ subscribe! I update regularly!


The Echo. x


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