Echoes Sanctuary: Borderline Personality Disorder.

Topic: Borderline Personality Disorder.

I know, scary words right? Wrong, there’s nothing scary about someone who has this diagnosis. I do, I’m not scary.

There are so many misconceptions about this ‘disorder’ it’s enough to drive anyone crazy. First off, we don’t have multiple personalities. I thought I’d make that clear first as it’s the biggest misconception. Secondly, no one suffers the exact same way as another. BPD is different for everyone who experiences it, just as any other mental health disorder, yes there are traits that the majority share but we all experience things our own way. I’ve decided to talk about BPD today because it’s not only my own diagnosis but I also saw a short video today in support of those who suffer with it, that video is what sparked this particular post. The video link is below, It’s on A Facebook page called ‘Mental Health On The Mighty’, I’m not sure who originally made the video but that’s where I saw it first posted.

I got my diagnosis nearly 2 years ago, around the same time I was diagnosed with ‘Mild Agoraphobia’ and Anxiety. The previous years my doctors just assumed I was anxious and depressed, I may well have been but that was only a small part of it. Borderline Personality Disorder comes with a stigma, people seem to hear it and think ‘crazy person’ but we aren’t crazy. Stressed, Anxious and emotional maybe, but not crazy.

BPD is a very broad diagnosis, it’s very important people remember that it covers a wide variety of symptoms and causes. You only need to suffer about 5 or 6 symptoms to be diagnosed, which is probably why people have such a skewered view of the ‘problem’.

Symptoms and experiences vary from person to person, you may encounter a sufferer who experiences paranoia and another who has uncontrollable rage issues. Personally I can get ridiculously angry but it very quickly turns into sadness and what I call ‘Bitchittude’. Most normal activities and interactions exhaust me and irritate me for reasons unknown to myself, but I know others with my condition who thrive on those things. Everyone is different, I will continue to repeat that as it’s the most important point.

Now say it with me, EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT. Good!

Now it’s important that you don’t go self-diagnosing yourself with BPD after reading this or looking it up, if you have genuine concerns that you might have a mental health ‘problem’ then consult your doctor and ask them to refer you to someone who specialises in that area. It’s important you allow your doctors, therapists and or psychiatrists access to the truth, to the real you because if you don’t then it could and probably would result in a misdiagnosis which isn’t fun for anyone involved, especially us anxious fellows.

The advice and information you find on Borderline Personality Disorder may vary from site to site, different perspectives and experiences.

Here are some links to pages with information on BPD( Symptoms, Causes, advice).

You can find more of these sites using this link:

I don’t want to make this post too long and too much to take in all at once so I’ll leave it there for now, please make use of those links and watch the video mentioned previously, I will be posting something soon in support of those who care for mentally ill family and friends so watch this space!

I hope this has made you think a little differently about BPD and those who suffer with it, it’s not easy and we’re doing our best, we just hope you are too.

The Echo. x


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