Blogmas Special: Christmas Eve&Day

Christmas Eve and Day Topics + How my Christmas went!

Blogmas Day 5 – Christmas Eve!

Topics: Christmas Baking and Family Games!

Okay so since I’m uploading this a little late I won’t be posting my plans, I’ll be telling you what actually went down. So here’s how I spent my Christmas Eve, starting with the baking!

I didn’t actually participate in the baking part as my family started it whilst I was out, however I did decorate half the Gingerbread! I had bought some Christmassy cookie cutters for the activity; Christmas tree’s and Snowmen. Don’t worry, I’m including photo’s! It was great fun decorating them pretty terribly haha, the decorating is the hardest part anyway!

So after the cookie decorating we all cleaned and tidied various parts of the house, I did some light reading and spent time with my mum until we all played Scrabble, one of favourite games. Unfortunately I didn’t win but it was good fun and one of the few games we’re allowed to play (we’re a competitive bunch). For the rest of the evening, until about 10pm, I started outlining the next few days Blog topics and making notes ready for drafting. Around 10pm I had to get ready for midnight mass, I know random right? Well let me explain, my sister is A Christian and wanted me to go with her so I thought it would be a nice bonding experience for us. I’m not religious at all myself, Just not my thing, so this was pretty shocking to everyone around me but I took her regardless. Let me be clear, she didn’t make me take her, I wanted to take her, not because it was church but because it was something she wanted to do and it’s Christmas, it’s the time to do things with and for your family. I didn’t have a terrible time though, granted I couldn’t stand the sermons but the hymns were familiar from school and everyone was very friendly and happy so it was a lovely atmosphere. No, I am not converting aha, If anything it made me feel stronger about my non-beliefs, but hey, I tried right? We didn’t get home until nearly 1am so we just went straight to bed when we got home and waited for morning.

Not the most exciting Christmas Eve, but it was lovely.

(Christmas Baking)

Onto the next topic then, Christmas Day!

Let me walk you through my day, starting with the morning fag and present opening! We always start the big day opening gifts from my mum, younger sister and myself. I got some great gifts this year, I knew about most of them but the little surprises thrown in always make me happy! Personally, I think I nailed it with the gifts I gave my family. They all seemed really pleased, I listen to what they say and I don’t think they realised that till they opened them. It made me so happy seeing them all smile as they opened them and that’s what it’s all about really isn’t it?


(Christmas Makeup using Technics eyeshadow)

After a slow present opening start to the day we all get dressed and wait for the bombardment of family members, first comes my father. He actually paid attention to me this year and got me a few brilliant gifts, one was a 3D puzzle that took me around 5 hours to complete that night!  Once my Dad leaves the rest of the family come over, My other siblings, Grandparents and Uncle. Again we do presents, this year my Nan actually forgot mine! She made up for it though bless her! Then, the meal. Beef and Turkey. Oh lord I love Christmas food, especially when we have fudge cake for dessert. This year we all played a game together, My brother got a pub quiz game from our mum so we decided to play that in four teams of two. The teams were well thought out, my mother and I together, Nan and younger sister, Older sister and her boyfriend, Brother and Uncle. It was a lot of fun but some of the questions were ridiculous! The sport ones mainly. No one but my younger sister got any right on the sport category! Aside from that, her and my nan were cheating, although they both fiercely deny it, we’re onto them. We didn’t win but the whole game was so funny that we didn’t care. My mum fell off her chair which was brilliant and, my sister and her boyfriend were so confused and dumbfounded they made for great entertainment! Soon after the game everyone drifted home leaving the last 3 girls behind, my mum, sister and I. We spent the rest of Christmas eating our weight in food, watching films and messing about with our various presents. Most of my gifts were makeup and books so I read and have tried various new looks over the past few days that I’m loving, the photo above showcases my Christmas look using the Technic eye-shadow palette my mum got me.

So to sum it up I had a great Christmas, the best I’ve had in years with my family. No fights, Just fun and games, like it should be! I really enjoyed spending time with my family, and I am so grateful for  the brilliant presents and encouragement, I finally feel like an accepted member of the family, not that I wasn’t before, It just feels better now, like this is the start of a new more positive chapter of my life, I’m looking forward to 2017 and the challenges it will bring.

I hope everyone has enjoyed their various holiday traditions, I know I have. Remember not to go crazy in the sales and show your family and friends your appreciation, life is short so don’t waste time not telling people how you feel.

Coming soon is my recommended reading list for you guys, I won’t be recommending anything I haven’t read so you’ll be getting my honest opinion! There will be loads of genres on the list so there should be something for everyone!

Happy holidays everyone!


The Echo. x


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