12 Days of Blogmas – Day 4 Special Edition

Special Edition!

There will be 2 topics per day until boxing day! Just a little something extra for the holidays!

Topics: What I am grateful for this year. & My favourite things about Christmas!

So, what am I grateful for this year?

This year I’m grateful for a lot of things. One of the most important ones is family, Having spent nearly a year away from all of them and only having contact with my mum, it’s been great coming back, I missed them a whole bunch. Another reason I’m painfully grateful for them this year is, my grandfather recently took a turn for the worst and had a huge heart operation (due to have another one soon), I’m so so thankful that he survived it and is here with us for this Christmas. Moving onto the next thing I’m grateful for, the roof over my head. This past year was a real struggle financially, there were times I thought I would end up on the street. Now that I’m back home with my mum I feel so much safer and stable. It’s a beautiful thing, feeling safe and having somewhere to call home, it’s something you should appreciate every day. The ability to give presents (and receiving them!) is definitely something I’m grateful for. This is the first year I’ve been able to buy my family at least one present each and it’s honestly brought me so much joy shopping for them. My family are pretty easy to buy for! I’m excited to open presents this year, last year I wasn’t home for Christmas so I didn’t get much at all, I wasn’t bothered at the time but I really am excited to open actual gifts! Which leads me to last 2 things I am most grateful for, my mum, more than anything in the world. She is my best friend, my rock, she is safety, comfort, support, She is (and rightly so) the one person I care about most in the world. Whilst I was living away from her I spoke to her practically every day. She is the person I go to whenever I’m upset. I am just so thankful that I have her as my mum, I wish everyone had a mum like her. She is the reason I’ve managed to cope and survive in this chaotic cruel world. She is the reason I’m able to be grateful for all of these things. The final thing I’m most grateful for is a pretty heavy one, I’m grateful to have survived another year. That may seem melodramatic to some people but for those that know me, they know that that is huge. I had a really rough few years recently and I’m proud to say I’ve come out of it with a positive outlook. My perspective has changed and I’m more in touch with myself and everyone and thing around me. That’s not to say that I’m any healthier than I was, I’ve got a long way to go before I reach my goal of ‘mentally healthy’, but now I’m feeling much better about my chances. So that’s what I’m grateful for this year, everything that matters. I’m sure there are more things but these are ones I’ve been thinking about the most. I hope this inspires you to think about what you have to be grateful for this year!

Now then, I guess I should tell you a few of my favourite things about Christmas, since it’s nearly the big day and all…

So much food! I get so greedy at Christmas, I eat everything in sight, I’m basically a Pig. I don’t care, completely unashamed of it, it’s Christmas, therefore I am allowed to pig the hell out!

Beef! Now I know, it’s food, but it’s the best so it gets its own thing. I absolutely adore beef but my mum is basically allergic so she never cooks it, except on family occasions’ such as Christmas. As my uncle and brother are here for the Christmas meal, they will have Beef and Turkey (Pigs)!

Opening gifts. I love unwrapping something, the excitement over the possibilities is childlike but pretty much everyone feels it! I usually know what I’m getting but I never know what gift I’m opening which is still exciting aha…

My family. They can be rude and tactless pretty much all the time, but it’s nice to see us all together for once (once a year is enough to be honest). They’re great though, I love them all and I love it when we’re all cheerful and happy together. I wouldn’t trade them for another even if they are bat shit crazy.

So, a little insight into my Christmas thoughts this evening. Hopefully tomorrow my family won’t be too lazy and will actually do our Christmas baking! I’ve been looking forward to it so I hope we follow through. If we do then I will be posting the finished product and how we made them on tomorrows edition of the 12 days of blogmas. I hope you’ve enjoyed this special edition of blogmas, tune in tomorrow for another special edition!

Merry Christmas Eve Eve!

The Echo. x


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