Daily Thoughts:Christmas&Midnight Edition

Hey guys! Got a few things to say today. I’m including a midnight edition in this post as well! I’ve been having a few lazy days because I feel like I’ve earnt them, I also got myself A load of chocolate to last the whole weekend so I’m totally set for a few more days! I literally have no reason to leave the house except for ‘pokewalks’.

So the family and I were chatting and somehow got onto the subject of law vocabulary, next thing I know, I’ve come up with A tongue twister! I think it’s pretty good, and the family had a good old laugh over it, it is as follows; Learn your Law lingo. Try saying that really fast A few times, it can be quite hilarious! I’m not sure if someone else has come up with this one, but I doubt it! Try that with your family this Christmas, or better yet, come up with your own tongue twisters! It’s funny for everyone!

This time of year always gets to me, In both good and bad ways. I’ve been thinking a lot about people and our world in general. I urge anyone reading this to go outside one night soon, just for a few minutes, and look up. Watch the stars, count them. Take those few moments to think about this amazing world we live in, think about the people in your life and appreciate those people you love. This world may be cruel, but it is beautiful. This is the season to be thankful, to reflect and think about all the good in the world. Don’t waste this time, take a few moments to remember how small we are, take a few moments to breathe.

Midnight Edition

So it’s Christmas in about a week! This year really has flown by hasn’t it? Since ’tis the season and all, I’ve been thinking A lot about previous years and my family. I haven’t had a particularly good Christmas with my family since I was little, they tend to disagree with my choices and undermine my intelligence, especially during holiday seasons when we’re all together, I’m easy pickings I guess. I think it will be different this year though, since I moved back home last month the family has been so much nicer to me, treating me like I deserve to be treated. It’s been lovely to be honest. I think living so far away from home, not seeing any of them for a year, made them appreciate me more, I hope so anyway.

On another similar note, I’ve nailed it with the presents this year! My family are going to be so pleased with their gifts. Especially the closer members. I’m so excited to see the smiles on their faces when they open them! I know it’s not about the presents but it’s always lovely when someone gets you something that is you, something that shows they know you and love you. It’s the thought behind the gifts, and I think the ones I’ve bought really show that!

I hope everyone has an awesome Winter/Christmas break. Remember to appreciate your friends and family, especially at this time. Have a great break whatever you’re celebrating!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Guys!

The Echo. x


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