Daily Thought – Midnight Edition

Hey guys, welcome to the first edition of daily thoughts at midnight! Lets crack on with it, shall we?

I’m pretty sure there would be no wars if life was like a musical, we could all just settle our problems through song and dance! 🙂 Nobody would be able to stay mad because of the hilarity of the whole situation, I for one would be totally into that.

Another interesting thought I had this evening is as follows; What if there is some massive secret war between the other animals on this planet, like half of the animal population wants rid of us Humans but the other half wants peace between all species! For all we know our domesticated pets deliberately let us ‘own’ them in order to protect us from our enemies! This could apply to Alien life as well, what if the animals of our planet are fighting a secret war on our behalf with the Aliens? WHAT IF THE GOVERNMENT IS IN ON IT?!

Sorry guys I’m all hyped up on sugar and lack of sleep, but that doesn’t mean I don’t speak the truth guys!

Sometimes I worry about my brain. Ah well, I’m sure it’s fine ^^

I hope you have enjoyed my midnight ramblings!

The Echo. x


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