Anxiety Relief and Relaxation.

Hey guys! So I want to offer some advice out to those who might have stressful lives and anxieties that prevent them from relaxing and winding down.

A few things that I find help me relax and calm down in many different situations include; Yoga, I do a short routine before I go to bed to loosen up my muscles. Guided Meditation is also really helpful if you can envision what the guide is suggesting, the great part is you can choose the kind of guides you use, the scenes and settings. I also find reading a book is helpful. Something not too taxing, it doesn’t have to be a book, it can be a magazine or a blog, anything really.

They really work for me and I’m sure they would work for most of you guys as well! These are all things you can do at home and for free, You can find loads of free yoga apps and guided meditation apps. I will link the ones I’m currently using as well as some others in the Links and Resources section of the site as soon as I can.

If those suggestions don’t work for you then that’s okay, there’s something for everyone! I will post again about this topic soon and include some more relaxation techniques!

Stay safe, you’re not alone.

The Echo. x


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