Echoes Sanctuary Is Open!

Hi guys! So a big reason I decided to start this blog is to reach out to people who have been through trauma, suffer from Mental Health issues, like myself, and anyone who’s been bullied or just had a rough go of it in general . I’ve spent the last few years bouncing in and out of recovery and now that I’m finally on the right track I’d like to help others who have been through similar situations. Whether it’s you, a family member or a friend, if you need someone to talk to, about anything, you can contact me and I will also post the links to some sites and phone numbers for organisations that can help.

I am proud to say that I am in recovery and I hope that I can help anyone else struggling, even if it’s just writing a blog and telling people I’m here for them.

It can be really difficult to talk to the people you love about your problems because you don’t want to hurt or worry them, I understand that, sometimes talking to a stranger about it is easier, I’m here to be that stranger if needed.

This thread will be used to give advice, talk about some of my own problems and my road to recovery, talking about a range of issues, some personal to me and some that I just feel passionate about.

I want to change the way people feel about and talk about Mental Health, it’s important that those suffering stick together and help each other out, especially in the current state of the world.

In my next post in this thread I will be talking my Mental Health issues and some of the Goals I have set for my recovery, as well as advice to those going through something similar things.

These posts will all be under the page titled ‘Echoes Sanctuary’.

The Echo. x


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