Daily Thought – Where am I going?

Hey guys! Welcome to the mindless ramblings of a 20 year old mad woman. I hope you enjoy your stay. 🙂

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about where I want to be in the next 5 years, on pretty much every level. I’ve spent so much time online looking for an answer, it’s difficult for me (and for many others) because I didn’t think I’d get this far, I honestly didn’t believe I would make it to 18, let alone 20, and now I’m kind of stuck in a rut. I was in and out of school/ college for years and never managed to fully complete a course (for many reasons) so for the last year or so I’ve been struggling with how I’m going to proceed, the massive question always on my mind; Where is my life going?

Yeah I know, pretty loaded question right? I thought it would be easy, choose a career and work towards it, but it’s not that simple. So I decided to enrol in some online classes this past week, some I’ve chosen for fun and some I’ve chosen to help me decide if the path I’m choosing is the right one. This is difficult, I’m a really free and creative person but I also absolutely love science, almost every aspect. Choosing between those kinds of career paths is pretty daunting for me, so for now, I have decided to do both!

I thought I had to rush to figure out all this stuff, because I’ve fallen behind most people my age. I’m just now learning that I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be, just figuring it all out at my own pace.

I am proud to say that I have basically no clue where I’m going in life, I’m sure as hell going to enjoy the ride along the way, to wherever the wave may take me. 🙂

I know this post is kind of heavy and also a bit short , I’ll improve as we go so be patient with my writing please!

The Echo. x


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