30 Day Blog Challenge- Day 2!

Topic – The meaning behind my blog name!

The meaning behind the name of my blog seems obvious to me but it has occurred to me that some people won’t think the way I do and might not make the connection as easily as some. That’s why I thought this would be a great topic for the first week of my blog launch!

My blog name is ‘BrynsEcho’, My nickname is Bryn so that part is self explanatory, but why Echo? Well, I’m not sure when I had this thought or how it came to me but one day It occurred to me that when a person writes, whether its fiction or non fiction, it’s a sort of echo of that person. We all leave a little piece of ourselves in our writing, it’s part of being human I suppose. After that thought came to be, I couldn’t get it out of my head, the word Echo was always in the back of my mind, it was begging to be used for something, Then I revisited the idea of starting a blog and as I started thinking about names it just jumped out at me, BrynsEcho, this is a kind of personal blog so the name just seemed perfect. An echo of myself, Bryns Echoes.

I hope that’s cleared up any confusion towards the name of the blog!

I apologise if my writing is a little sloppy, I’m overexcited about the blog!

The Echo. x


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